BlackLib on BeagleBone Black with Debian 8 does not work


I’m trying to operate BlackLib 3.0 on BeagleBone Black with Debian 8 image recommended by
(from here:

BlackLib seems not working with Debian 8. Does someone succeeded to make it working ?
As I know - it works perfectly with Debian 7.


Due to the kernel change between Debian 8 and 7, it won’t work. Debian 8 changed the Device Tree, which makes BlackLib 3 useless for Debian 8. You might be able to get it to work if you find the appropriate directories for each device. I am also currently working on getting a library working for a ROS project, let me know if you found an alternative.

In some cases I’m using libpruio-0.4 on 4.x kernel versions. But it’s an inofficial version: software runs OK, but installation is a pain in the rear (due to device tree changes).

I can provide the source code for beta-testing and support building/installing process, if anybody is interrested.