Bleaglebone black, no DTC on console version, but present on lxqt?

Hi all,

Quick question. Why is their a Device tree compiler on the lxqt version of the latest Jessie build


But not on the console version?


I want to build a custom DTO, but I’m using QT on a LCD cape and do not need all the extra memory usage of the lxqt version.

I started looking at the beaglebone-universal-io, which seems to be loaded on the console version but the “config-pin” command is not recognized?? But "cat /sys/devices/ocp.*/cape-universal.*/status" worked??

How to you set GPIO pins on the 7.9-console version ??

Forgive me if this is a simple issue, but I have googled for a few hours and cannot find an answer.

Thanks for any help.

7.9 = wheezy…

If you just did a copy & paste mistake and are actually using jessie follow…


Sorry, my mistake. I was sopposed to say wheezy. My copy and pastes are correct.