Bluetooth with HC-05 on Pocket Beagle

I’m trying to connect an HC-05 bluetooth module with a Pocket Beagle via UART4 and I’m able to do btattach, but when I do hciconfig I get no response. If I do hciattach, it attaches, but shows it is down and no MAC address.

Hi @RunSegura which HC-05 module are you using, how did you wire it up?


I am using dsd Tech HC-05 bluetooth module. I don’t have any more details on it. I have VCC to P1.14, RX of HC05 to P2.07, and TX of HC05 to P2.05. I have gnd of HC05 connected to P1.22. I have validated that the UART4 is operational with another device for serial communication.

Looking on Amazon, most of these modules require 3.6V minimum:

How are you doing the voltage translation?


I’m powering off of P1.14 3.3V.

3.3V is less then 3.6V, can you share your purchased link for the HC-05, everything i’ve found so far needs a minimum of 3.6V to operate…