Board crashes on image open

Anytime i try to open an image captured from a webcam using GIMP (640x480 image, output from an openCV capture if that helps), the BBB crashes solid and requires a power pull.

The screen either goes black, or the image freezes on the screen. I can see the image but nothing else is active.

Any advice?

P.S. The latest angstrom version is installed on my BBB. Also, in case that gives a hint, when I refresh an openCV image window from the python program, the entire screen including the terminal that opened it. Normally only the image window would refresh.

How big is your DC power supply? Needs to be at least 2A.


3 Amps. I’ve run other things like the browser, that seems okay. From my limited tests so far, it’s just the openCV image windows, and opening images in general.

I suppose it could be something in the SW.


Anyone have ideas? Has nobody else had their board crash when opening an image?

Both of my two boards running Angstrom with GNOME have the very same problem. Tested with Angstrom production images 2013.06.06 and 2013.08.21 (both booted from microSD). Opening even small images crash the GIMP application. I don’t think it’s a power supply related hardware issue. Suppose a software problem…

I face also other windowing problems with self compiled GTK applications under GNOME desktop: Missing window borders and freezing windows. I think something is messed up within the GDM window manager. When using XFCE/LXDM instead GNOME/GDM, these problems disappear. But I have never testet GIMP under a different window manager…

Interesting. Yes, my windows freeze as well when calling image popups from OpenCV.

A question to anyone who might know, is this an issue that might be resolved soon, or is there a workaround? It’s a very good reason to switch from angstrom to ubuntu, even though my dev environment is already completely set up on angstrom.