Board design: file format - ASCII Please...?

Hi all, I’m hoping someone will be able to help with the following request: I would like the Rev. B6 schematics and PCB data to be made available in ASCII format - Cadence Orcad/Allegro binary format files are great if you use Cadence, not so good if you don’t. Most Schematic capture programs allow for importing designs so long as the files are not in a proprietary format. So, can either the original designers (or someone with a suite of Cadence products on their system) export the design to ASCII and upload to the Wiki? It would be very helpful for anyone trying to create an AM335x design based upon the core of Beaglebone Black. The PDF schematics and Gerber data can be used in any case, of course, but ASCII versions of the Cadence files would make things easier. Thanks, Tim.

You can contact me direct and we can discuss.