BOM Part Question

The BOM for the Xm board calls for CAP TANT 100UF 6.3V 10% SMD for C160, C161, C162, and C163.

Unfortunately, the referenced manufacture’s part number is a 20% tolerance and 1.600 Ohm according to Digikey.

Part number T491B107K006AT is a 10% tolerance part, but 3.000 Ohm.

Anyone know which is correct?

Also, FYI, the ALPS MicroSD part # SCHA2B0300 is scheduled for obsolescence by the manufacturer. (P7)


In theory either of these parts should work. Obviously the 10% will be a little more expensive and if you keep the ESR down, that will help on the current. These caps are there to handle the intial surge when a device is plugged into the USB slot as per the USB specification. Some people use 120uf as well and others even use 80uF. The reference part number is what we use. I will change the description to match the referenced part number on the next round of documentation reelase which should answer you question.


Thanks for the clarification and explanation! Question answered.

Thank you!