Bone A4 Expansion ports Mux Options in one table, interested?

For my own use I have combined tables 9 and 10 in the A4 Reference
Manual (4.0.4) at
into a one page P8 table of mux options/modes, and the same with
tables 12/13 for P9. Would there be interest in having these posted
somewhere? They are gnumeric spreadsheets and trivial to export as

I think there must be a harmless mistake in tables 12 and 13: both
pins P9:35 (AIN6) and P9:36 (AIN5) are listed as being connected to
processor pin A5.

There might well be new mistakes in these combined tables of course.


Let me take look at them and I will consider adding it to the next version A5, that comes out next week. Unelss you plan to keep up with me on Rev A6 as well which I am working on now!


I won't get another board but I can definitely update the tables.
Sending you the docs now. -Bert