Bone as a complete car OS

Hello Everyone,
First post with the GSoC family, fingers crossed.
My idea primarily revolves around building a plug in device that’ll run as an extra OS for the car syncd with any smart phone, that allows not only monitoring and logging of a car’s running data but also to identify and reconfigure ECU mappings.
I had built a crude protoype for just reading the data using an Arduino connected to a car’s OBD (On Board Diagnostics) port and a bluetooth module to relay data to an android app.
Have much to research, test and learn before getting close to achieving the final goal, and Beagle board seems like a much more powerful alternative probably making even the ecu mapping possible.
Cant wait to hear any comments or suggestions.

Haran Sivaram

This sounds to me like it might be closer to a product idea than a GSoC project - can you highlight some ways in which the community would benefit from this?

The software would be an open source platform for anyone to develop and improve the functionality on it. A BeagleBoard will be the back bone of the entire system.

Hi Haran,

The software being open source is no variable to decide if it’s a product idea or a beneficial-to-the-community project idea. What beagleboard usually looks for in a project is whether it will help other beagle fans to build something using that. Take PyBBIO or BoneScript for example. It’s open source, and has no product value as such. But plenty of people use it to build extremely cool stuff.

If you are able to convince mentors that the Flightgear project has such value, it would work. You usually need a good word from one of the mentors saying that they would mentor/co-mentor

  • Anuj