Bone101 for GSoC '16

Hi guys,

I’m thinking of continue my work on Bone101 for GSoC this year, currently what is my mind is to finish some issues with my last year work and find a way to present the data in the home in a more convenient way.

Alexanders suggested to add more examples&docs and the python support ( I don’t know how to do this part yet ).

I’m still working on it to find some other ideas that could be good to add. However, I’d be happy if someone have some thoughts to share with me.


Progress and adoption of the bonecard stuff has been too slow. BBUI integration is of value and a focus on examples, especially things like using Grove and other sensor modules with the built in kernel drivers (like the BMP085 demo).

I’m curious if bone101 could be connected to Cloud9 IDE.

Also, how could Python code be integrated? Push the code using BoneScript?