Boot from USB, is that possible?

Hi erveryone
I want flash the latest debian 9 to my beaglebone black, but there is one problem, my sdcard slot doesn’t work anymore, so that I can’t flash debian image with micro sdcard.The question is how to flash debian image with an USB stick?

no, need load uboot MLO first.

you mean boot from network, load spl and mlo first?
I found a github project, but it seems not working anymore, can you tell me how to do this?
here is the link:

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Yes you can. Put MLO and uboot on the USB flash drive. Hit a key when uboot is counting down to boot. Uboot then has menu option to load an image from the USB flash drive. I have notes on it somewhere, but you should be able to figure it out.

boot rom has the ability to drive a USB drive?

I can’t find the USB flash drive that I used, but this has come up before. Check this post out.!topic/beagleboard/bDRCI2J7msY