Boot on power BB-x15

Howdy dudes and dudettes,

I have a Beagleboard x15, and I am trying to make it boot on power, so if I lose power the board will start when power resumes. I found this thread, but couldn’t make sense of it. Perhaps my google foo is bad, but I couldn’t find anything else. Does anyone know how to do this?

Here's a quick answer.. Users debugging with JTAG have the same issue
as above..

So look at your board, find J5, then proceed to solder the two holes
together with a wire..

But here's the warning.. If you boot with a blank eMMC and a blank
microSD, so U-BOOT does NOT LOAD... Given enough time with this
situation you will destroy the AM57xx and it'll never boot again...


Sweet thank you! It took me an embarrassingly long time to find J5… I was looking over by J3,4,6, turns out its in the middle between U5, U18.

It works well!