boot problem "0W" and no u-boot prompt anymore

Hi all, the first time I posted this message it went somewhere between
and got lost, I actually don't know why, sorry for bothering the other
thread. I hope the second try will have more success, see below.


in order to upgrade the angstrom version on my beagle C4 to a newer
version build with narcissus, I wanted to replace u-boot and all this
stuff too, just to have consequent new versions of all this things. I
did something like:

nand unlock
nand erase

on u-boot prompt (not 100% sure about typos, but if so I would have
an error msg, I guess). Unfortunately, since I have done that I get
u-boot prompt anymore. Even if I try to press the user button before
powering up the system, I get some control signs on the terminal and
"0W" between.

I tried to recover with steps written on
but no success.

Does someone have any hint for me? What does 0W mean? I found nothing

Terminal settings should be well, because it was working before and I
didn't change anything.

Thanks, sascha

Does nobody have an idea what I could have made wrong?

Thanks, Sascha

I wouldn't call it 'wrong' it did exactly what you told it to do...
"nand erase" deletes everything in nand, so your board won't boot
without a properly formatted sd card..

Since you haven't been successful with the recovery instructions,
another option is to just use my script for recovery:


Thanks for your answer. After using your script I've got a u-boot prompt. Thanks!

However, actually I thought that I had a well prepared sd-card ready to boot from (by pressing the user button). Obviously, it wasn't well prepared.

Thanks again, Sascha

Dear Sascha,