Boot Rev C2 first time

I’ve just connected a Rev C2 board for the first time using a USB to serial converter cable on Ubuntu 11.4, configured and run minicom. I get a continuously scrolling screen sayin. g Textion:as Instruments XL or abbreviated versions: Texas Inst, Texas Instrum, Texas Instru. Here’s a copy of a section:

Texas Instruments X-Loa

Texas Instru

Texas Instruments

Texas Instr

Texas Instrumen

Texas Instruments X-Loadtru

Texas Instrument

Texas Instru

Texas Instrume�

Texas Inst�Texas Instruments X孭

Texas Instrum

Minicom says it is version 2.5

Any help will be appreciated.


How are you powering the board? If you're not, try an external +5V

Power was definitely an issue. I used a 6V supply to the USB hub instead of the 5V that it came with and got a steady printing on the screen.

I seem though to have a problem with Ubuntu 11.4 writing to my 8gb card. Ubuntu recognizes it as sdb and it is formatted by the mkcard script but I encounter problems copying to
/dev/sdb1, which Ubuntu says doesn't exist but which dmesg shows (sdb, sdb1, sdb2). If I eject and reinsert the SD card dmesg identifies sdc, sdc1, sdc2. Then if I now attempt
(sudo) copy to /dev/sdc1, the game starts over and next dmesg will identify sdd.

Any ideas where I may be going wrong?

This also sounds like a USB power problem on your host computer.

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Sorry about that. I’ve just been typing in the reply box not realizing that it doesn’t reply to ‘all’. Thanks for pointing it out. It’s an Acer Aspire One netbook with a built in card reader.