Boot splash screen for 4.4.x

How to enable splash screen for 4.4.x kernels?

I never had problems with 3.8.x kernels. I’m using an LCD compatible with the standard 7" cape (4DCAPE-70T).
The kernel is 4.4.16-ti-rt built from

I’ve enabled standard boot logo in the kernel, but it does not show up.
What am I missing?

Thanks for advises!

3 things..


Your going to have to upgrade that kernel.

4.4.16-ti-rt-r38 used "kernel" overlays... To support these almost
everything is built as a module. So the display comes up way late to
do any boot splashing..

so first upgrade to: 4.4.68-ti-rt-r110


Switch u-boot to use "U-Boot" overlays:


Tweak, 4.4.68-ti-rt-r110's config to bring up pwm, tilcd, etc as
built-in (y), i've started doing this in v4.9.x-ti but haven't
backported those changes to v4.4.x-ti


Works like a charm! Thank you, Robert!