Booting adeneo wince 7 on beaglebone black

Dear all

I have loaded a 4GB SD card with the MLO and EBOOTSD.nb0 and NK.bin that comes with the AM335X_BeagleBoneBlack_WEC7_BIN_V0131 package from Adeno,Also I have formatted the card with Fat32 and 4096 byte sectors (using windows foarmt), and I have used the TI SD card utility for flashing the SD card, Also I have pushed the user button before power up,
But nothing happens!!!
when I power the board up the leds won’t flash, and there is no activity on the Serial header, So I think it’s a boot problem, How can I be sure that the MLO is in the first sector of the SD card? I have loaded android, angstrom and ubuntu successfully on to beaglebone balck, I want to test what windows ce have to offer, So if somebody have booted successfully please help me too.

I suggest you get with the people from Adeneo for support.

Copy MLO first before anything else.


I have the same problem as you. Did you solved it?



now you got it or not…same problem i have …what should i do plz help me…??

This happens on mine, I suggest holding the S2 button(User) and then pressing the S1 button (reset). it should start the process if it doesn’t try the other power supply option.


Generally - this works the same as in the original BB days.
Format using HP USB format tool - found it works best on an XP machine.
Not sure what this does different from the Windows format - but it is and is
far more reliable.

Once formatted, copy the MLO 1st so it goes to the base location that your MLO needs to be able to find it.
Then load your eboot and nk.bin and any other files you may need.

As far as booting Corey’s suggestion will work. If I’m going to be always booting from uSD
I will short the switch out with a jumper or solder ball/blob.

Hope that helps,