Booting Angstrom


        I successfully an Angstrom dist on an SD card and am working
with it OK. However I have the problem of needed to push the reset
button and while holding it pressing teh reset button. IF I do not do
so the board hangs ion the I2C prompt right at teh start. Does anyone
know hwo to stop it doing this - can I put a boot.scr file in to stop
it doing this?



Did you mean USER button for one of those buttons mentioned below?

Do you mean that you need to force MLO/u-boot to load from the SD card?

It could be that you are loading a kernel that requires a newer u-boot to configure the pin mux properly.

I just had this same problem updating one of my boards from a pretty old MLO/U-Boot… Use “USER+RESET” to boot from MMC and then at the U-Boot prompt enter the command “nand erase” should be fine then (provided everything on the MMC is up to date)