Booting from UART0 to flash the built-in eMMC


Is there anyone tried to boot the built-in eMMC via UART0 (debugging port) instead of SD Card. This is very new thing to me and I could not find anything online.
What are the steps I shall be looking at and why?

Please advice.

Thank you!

It is something we are looking into but to date, it is not really working. Youa re welcome t write your own SW if you like. My suggestion is to use USB instead of UART. If I recall, I think USB is faster.


I have even written up a guide on it about a week ago

USB for me is not bad at all. I get around 21MB/s writes, but oddly enough, only about 10.6MB/s reads. Those values seem backwards dont they ? but they’re not. Granted the ATA<->USB controller I am using according to hdparm is junk. NO surprise since the external enclosure only cost ~ $5 each.