Booting issues with Beagleboard c5!

I just reformated my SD card into 2 partitions as given in the instructions here.

I would really like to know what are the necessary files that should go into my SD card to boot my beagbleboard(i just reformated my CARD again!). Someone please guide a newbie like myself step by step as i am struggling with all the extensive tutorials online…

what files should go into which partition of the SD card…how the board gets booted…etc. I am hereby seeking help to boot my beagleboard in hoping to hit jackpot!!!


mlo u-boot.img to fat32 partition
uImage to /boot at ext3(4) partition
modules to / at ext3(4) partition

or use omapedia

the link below discusses Panda but gives insight on what files to copy where and will work for Beagle. Its the same for linux as Android just myfs last step is different between linux and android

The blurb below shows exactly what is copied. MLO must always be the first thing written to FAT partition after formatting. deleting MLO and replacing is not recommended

Copying Binaries onto SD Card
Now type the following to mount your SD Card on your Linux box:

mkdir /tmp/mmc1
mkdir /tmp/mmc2
sudo mount /dev/<your device’s first partition’s name> /tmp/mmc1
sudo mount /dev/<your device’s second partition’s name> /tmp/mmc2
Load the appropriate software to the SD Card:

sudo cp $YOUR_PATH/L27.12.1-P2/x-loader/MLO /tmp/mmc1 #(if you are using EMU or HS device, plese copy signed MLO instead)
sudo cp $YOUR_PATH/L27.12.1-P2/u-boot/u-boot.bin /tmp/mmc1
sudo cp $YOUR_PATH/L27.12.1-P2/kernel/android-2.6.35/arch/arm/boot/uImage /tmp/mmc1
sudo cp -Rfp $YOUR_PATH/L27.12.1-P2/myfs/* /tmp/mmc2
sudo chmod -R 777 /tmp/mmc2/*
sudo umount /tmp/mmc1
sudo umount /tmp/mmc2

Similar detailed instructions exist for Beagle board are the same thing you uneed to search but above shows what goes where

Thanks mark, ill use both omapedia and the linux format listed on beagleboard website. so for an angstrom distro,ill need MLO,uboot.bin ,uImage and rootfs files?