booting the Kernel from Flash.

Hello Everyone,

I am new to beagle board. I could able to boot the kernel from SD

Now I am trying to boot the kernel along with file system from Flash.
Presently u-boot is running from flash.
I have the following queries:
1. Any procedure for bringing up the complete linux image from Flash
(like kernel image along with File system)
2. Is there any linux File systems repository available (like jffs2 )

Can you please help me in this regard.

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Here is the procedure I use to write the kernel to the flash on the beagle:

1) boot the board to the uboot prompt. I'm using U-Boot 2009.01, but
this same process will work for some older 2008 version as well.

2) execute the following commands:
# initialize the mmc interface

# load your kernel file into RAM. Instead of "uimage-2.6.29", use your
kernel image name
fatload mmc 0 80000000 uimage-2.6.29

# set error correction for your write to flash to be software mode ecc
(instead of hardware mode ecc)
nandecc sw

# erase the flash space you are about to write the kernel into
nand erase 280000 400000

# take the kernel that you loaded into RAM and write it into flash
(kernel can be up to 4MB in size)
nand write 80000000 280000 400000

At this point, you need to set your boot command and bootargs in uboot
so that it will load from built-in flash, and you will also need to
decide if you are going to create a run-time filesystem in flash or in
RAM (by using an initrd ramdisk, for example).

For example, I use a boot command containing "nand read 80300000
280000 400000;bootm 0x80300000" to load the kernel from flash back
into RAM and then start it up.

There are more examples and info here:
it includes info on enabling JFFS2 in your kernel (you'll need to
change the config and rebuild) and writing it to flash.

If you have more questions, I'll try to help.



Can anybody guide me to resolve the below problem:


I am trying to boot kernel from flash. I am getting the error
mentioned below.
Can anybody guide me to resolve the problem?