bricked beagle board turn on and turn off after few sec

Hi all,
i had this beagleboard black on my desk for a while without the time to play with, i turned on a couple of and play (read mess with it :)) a bit.
i tried to turn it on again couple of days ago, with no luck the power led turn on and then off after 2/3 sec.
i Downloaded the mmc restore image, put on a sd and then i tried to reflash to restore to factory, press the s2 button as per per procedure, all the leds turn on as expected and less than 10 sec after it turn off again,
i tried to boot with the 1A usb outlet and with the power cable too, no luck any suggestion on how to recover or debug?


Sounds like the processor has shorted out. When it consumes too much current the PMIC shuts down.

do you have any idea on how to solve it?
should i use different outlet? (like a 2.1A)

buy a new one ?

Replace the processor or just buy a new one. Putting a bigger power supply on it will not solve the issue.


sorry Wulf i 'm not catching it, buy a new outlet or buy a new beaglebone?

Your board is dead. It will not function anymore.