bridge driver.ko problem

Hi all

i am new bie to linux .I am trying to play video using gstreamer+dsp acceleration .I am using the (ti_gst and dsp bridge) binaries of felipe, …i have given the following command to

insert bridge module.ko

root@beagleboard:#modprobe bridgedriver.ko base_img=/lib/dsp/baseimage.dof

FATAL: Module bridgedriver.ko not found.

The following error occured.please solve the issue


That assumes you have the bridgedriver properly installed, with all
the mod stuff. If you don't have that, then you need to do something
insmod bridgedriver.ko base_img=/lib/dsp/baseimage.dof

Where bridgedriver.ko is in your current directory.

I have followed the above command …i got the following error message …

root@beagleboard:#insmod bridgedriver.ko base_img=/lib/dsp/baseimage.dof
Module len 1055669 truncated
insmod: error inserting ‘bridgedriver.ko’: -1 Invalid module format


Then either the bridgedriver is wrong, or you are using an incompatible kernel.