Bringing up Debian and v3.14 kernel on BeagleBone Black

I've been documenting my experience bringing up Debian with a v3.14
kernel here[1]. I've also documented how to modify the Devicetree as
well as build a new kernel. Let me know if anything needs clarification
or correction. Hopefully someone else finds it useful!


- Ben


It looks good. But just realised i have to fix one little thing on the
"/uEnv.txt" -> "/boot/uEnv.txt" compatibilty for old eMMC u-boot's..
The "dtb=" will be ignored, as "/uEnv.txt" references it as "fdtfile"
so i need to add a quick if "dtb" defined use dtb value in /uEnv.txt
on the next snapshot next week.

So, if it's not doing what you want (you have an old bootloader in
eMMC) (and you don't want to update it)


too... till the dtb is fixed. :wink: