Broken AI-64 website?

Hey folks,

Is the beaglebone AI-64 still supported? It seems like a lot of the links return 404. Is there a reason for this - like is it so similar to another one that I should just go ahead and treat it like an AI or something? It’s a bit disappointing that the one I just bought just happens to have no support docs!
As an example: will apparently help me get started or Getting Started - BeagleBoard | How do I start using my board?
If these are just dead links, maybe we could get someone to help change them to improve the “out of the box” experience for those who are looking for a place to start!

Here you go: Quick Start Guide — BeagleBoard Documentation

Lots of cleanups over time… @jkridner can you add a symlink for the old update-ai64 page…


I added a redirect to the quickstart for that URL.