Bug in bone_capemgr.c

There's an uninitialized reference in the 4.3.x bone tree bone_capemgr.c, line 1154. It's in a dev_err() logging statement, but it's based on faulty code. That is, the local variable "dtbo" is not only not initialized before hitting that logging statement, it's never used at all. The logging statement is trying to display the dtbo name that failed to load, but that doesn't seem to be available to the function in any way based on what I see.

I meant to add, what's the right way for me to report this bug? Email the author at the address in the source file header? I'd offer a patch if I could figure out what the intent was. It's good information to log, but just not available at that point.

ping panto:

I sync up with his patchset (bbb_overlays directory) from this branch:



Done, thanks!