Bug in github.com/beagleboard/kernel/tree/3.8

Robert, are you (one of the folks) maintaining the github
repo for BeagleBone kernel patches? If not, who do I send
this too?

This patch in the 3.8 branch doesn't seem to work; it
just makes a bug or two:

Lines 37, 38 of that patch change from giving file names
using command line arguments to giving them in standard
input, but the perl program doesn't read standard input and
it doesn't handle the files.

The perl script is scripts/headers_install.pl
Attached is an instrumented copy of the perl script; you
can diff it to see what it does. Try this script on
the last change before that patch was applied,
2013-03-22 commit 41dbd166a6394be45389e25459cd127854615366
and after 2013-03-25 commit 20e92cc2b03d5934b142785bf4ae96f1335d77cd

Try "make ARCH=arm headers_install" and then look in
linux-3.8/usr/include/asm; you will notice the missing files.

headers_install.pl (1.97 KB)

Hmm; no reply and no fix in github…

Do you not believe me? Do you not care? Is there something I can read to help me understand (got link)?

Personally i have that patch disabled:


It probably fixes an issue when built inside Angstrom.


Oh, I see. Thank you for the reply.