Build Qt5.5.1 for BBB

Trying to cross-compile Qt for Beaglebone back with OpenGL support and SGX driver for Quick and I am trying for days.

I have created SD card (debian image with 4.4 kernel) Installed sgx driver and running
Installed (on target) libicu-dev libcups2-dev libudev-dev libmtdev-dev libegl1-mesa-dev libopenvg1-mesa-dev
Host: Ubuntu 16.04. - 64 bit
Created new device in qtbase/mkspecs/devices/linux-beaglebone-g++ and added in qmake.conf following

QMAKE_INCDIR_OPENGL = /path_to_the/rootfs/usr/include/GL
QMAKE_LIBDIR_OPENGL = /path_to_the/rootfs/usr/lib
QMAKE_INCDIR_POWERVR = /path_to_the/rootfs/usr/include
QMAKE_INCDIR_OPENGL_ES1 = /path_to_the/rootfs/usr/include/GLES
QMAKE_LIBDIR_OPENGL_ES1 = /path_to_the/rootfs/usr/lib
QMAKE_INCDIR_OPENGL_ES1CL = /path_to_the/rootfs/usr/include/GLES
QMAKE_LIBDIR_OPENGL_ES1CL = /path_to_the/rootfs/usr/lib
QMAKE_INCDIR_OPENGL_ES2 = /path_to_the/rootfs/usr/include/GLES2
QMAKE_LIBDIR_OPENGL_ES2 = /path_to_the/rootfs/usr/lib
QMAKE_INCDIR_EGL = /path_to_the/rootfs/usr/include/GL
QMAKE_LIBDIR_EGL = /path_to_the/rootfs/usr/lib

Created new mkspecs linux-linaro-gnueabihf-g++ and added paths to linaro compiler

configure -v
-nomake examples
-nomake tests
-sysroot /pathtothe/rootfs
-prefix /path_to_install/bbb-qt-5.5.1
-xplatform linux-linaro-gnueabihf-g++
-device linux-beaglebone-g++
-device-option CROSS_COMPILE=/pathtolinaro/bin/arm-linux-gnueabihf-
-skip qtwebkit
-skip qtwebkit-examples
-skip qtwebchannel
-skip qtwebengine
-skip qtwayland

with output:

make -j4
terminated with this error

missing files are in place…

How to solve this… anyone, please.


everything goes smoothly when rootfs is the filesystem from ti-processor-sdk-linux-am335x-evm-

I am writhing step by step manual and i will put link here.

It is not working.
it is not usable in roberts debian ubuntu console images (kernel 4.1 with sgx driver installed), even installed all nessery lib files.
right now (for simple quick2 program ) I am getting

error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

try to link
ln -s
but i am right now stuck with

error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Could someone help me how to solve this please…

Is there builded binaries of Qt for roberts debian minimal images

This is driving me crazy!

Best regards

sasak, hello.
you are welcome:
I solved the same problem: Qt5.7 + QtQuick on Robern Nelson’s ubuntu image.