Building an audio Airplay Receiver. Best Hardware/Software ?


My goal is to add an airplay feature to my car.
I currently have 3 options to send audio to my 2011 mustang:

  • Bluetooth (flaky and not best quality)
  • USB (good quality but super flaky and car software very glitchy)
  • Audio Jack

I was hoping to build an Airplay Receiver, just like

Currently I am thinking of 2 options:

  • Beaglebone Black + USB wifi dongle
  • Raspberri Pi + USB wifi dongle + USB audio card(better sound quality than the rasperri)

What would you recommend ?


AirEnabler -

he AirEnabler is a plug and play solution that allows you to AirPlay enable any speaker system such as your existing home stereo or old iPhone/iPod dock. It will even work with your car stereo. Add AirPlay support to any speaker system with a audio aux-in port (3.5mm or RCA).

How it works:

The AirEnabler Kit is pre-configured to broadcast a Wi-Fi network with the SSID name of AirEnabler_xxxx. Connect your iPhone/iPad (or computer) to the Wi-Fi network and start streaming your music via AirPlay. Simple as that. No configuration or computer needed. Your iPhone’s 4G/LTE internet connection will automatically be maintained, allowing you to use Siri, iMessage, GPS, Apps, and stream internet radio such as Pandora, Spotify and iTunes Radio.

Setup AirPlay in your car in under 5 minutes.