Building for BeagleBoard XM and Preparing Bootable SD card for it.

Hi All,
This is my first Question and kinda getting started Qs.I was searching for building for BeagleBoardXM and preparing SD card for it.I have came across numerous links (once by beagleboard, one by IBM, and many more blogs) ,But I am not able to figure out which one to follow.Is there any official page for all the instructions which could furnish me with the below things :

(1) Building Package - Bootloader,Kernel,filesystem(and what ever necessary) for BeagleBoardXM to boot Linux.
(2) Creating a Bootable SD card for it and boot it with the above package.
(3) Any official page for flashing Android on BeagleBoardXM(System.img,userdata.img,boot.img,etc)

Please note in the past I have fair experience of building/flashing and booting of android(4.4.X ) on PandaBoard ES rev B.There is a readme inside the device/ti/panda which tells from where to download the sources , how to build and how to flash the boot-loader,xloader,boot.img,userdata.img for the Android.I am looking for the similar thing for the Android for BeagleBoardXM.
Eagerly looking for a slap to my post to do something about this.

Thanks and Rgds,