building Mosquitto

So I grabbed an older BBB (ver.B) so I could set up a Mosquitto server. I installed the latest Debian image and quickly found out that apt-get install mosquitto was not going to work. So I downloaded the source to compile it. It compiles fine but won’t link up.
time_mosq.o: In function mosquitto_time': /root/mosquitto-2.0.14/apps/db_dump/../../lib/time_mosq.c:46: undefined reference to clock_gettime’
A bit of searching and I see that linker option -ltr should fix this. But that option is already set in of the mosquitto package. I’m a true novice with Linux so not sure where to go from here. I see that a buster build may have a later version of glibc?
It looks like I’m just one object away from getting this to work.

Why not?

sudo apt update
sudo apt install mosquitto


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Well, it turns out I never got a new image on my BBB. Now that I did, an apt-get install went just fine. I’ve tested and it is working. Thanks!