Building Tensorflow Lite on the BBAI/Abort?


I have come to conclusion that tensorflow lite for the BBAI is a lost cause, e.g. as I get software caused connection abort.

I have built it before w/ the WSL2 Debian distro and the BBAI is having issues w/ compilation.

I have used sftp to place the files on the BBAI. This is all said and done but something is going awkward.

Does anyone have any clues as to why software can cause a connection issue on the BBAI?


I can build everything accept using cmake --build . -j .

During this compilation, natively, the BBAI seems to do well until 8% when it goes into a shutdown b/c of software.


P.S. Here are some basics on my info:

Linux beaglebone 4.19.94-ti-r66 Debian Buster IoT Image 2020-05-18

I am in the process of changing kernels to bone-5_4

journalctl -xe

Well, do not sudo /opt/scripts/tools/ --bone-kernel --lts-5_4

your board w/ my credentials. It will brick it. So, back to square one!

Why are you installing the AM335x only kernel on the AM57xx?



I have no clue. Now I know!


Hello @RobertCNelson ,

Sir…listen to this: is updating to 5.4.x okay w/ the BBAI as of this date and time?

I am asking b/c I have not dealt w/ 5.4.x or above w/ the AI just yet.


Your choice…

sudo /opt/scripts/tools/ --ti-channel --lts-5_4


sudo /opt/scripts/tools/ --ti-channel --lts-5_10


Thank you, sir. I have been out of the loop recently w/ things. Anyway, thank you for this simple yet informational update.


P.S. I just got out of drama-mama and now I have gone loopy. Thank you!

Hello Sir,


info: checking archive
2021-09-01 23:25:45 URL: [195/195] -> "LATEST-ti" [1]
Kernel Options:
ABI:1 LTS41 4.1.30-ti-r70
ABI:1 LTS44 4.4.155-ti-r155
ABI:1 LTS49 4.9.147-ti-r121
ABI:1 LTS414 4.14.108-ti-r143
ABI:1 LTS419 4.19.94-ti-r66
ABI:1 LTS54 5.4.106-ti-r33
ABI:1 LTS510 5.10.59-ti-r15
Kernel version options:
LTS414: --lts-4_14
LTS419: --lts-4_19
LTS54: --lts-5_4
STABLE: --stable
TESTING: --testing
Please pass one of the above kernel options to


well i added support for 5.10 back on:

Commits on Dec 16, 2020

update /opt/scripts/


Sorry…I typed that line or better yet, went into the dir. to find other things.

Anyway, it is giving me flack. I cannot get into the 5_10 kernel b/c I know too little.


cd /opt/scripts/
git pull


Dang it. Okay. You are right, again.


P.S. Is there a particular image to grab outside of what is listed on I am asking b/c I think I may have gotten one that does not like kernel 5.10.x.