Building TI GStreamer Plugins

I am attempting to build the GStreamer plugins in an OE environment
following instructions found here:

I've obtained and installed the reference .bin files and have them

I retrieved the codec_engine_2_21.tar.gz file and placed it in recipes/
dsplink/files and modified the ti-codec-engine bb file to use that as
the source. I am using origin/stable/2009 per the wiki.

When I run bitbake ti-codec-engine I get a compile failure related to
tconf. I chatted with some experts and they say tconf doesn't like to
be run out of directories with a '.' in it. Unfortunately, according
to my log.do_compile, the build system seems to be entering a
directory with a '.' in it - this directory was extracted as part of
the contents of the codec_engine tgz. Here are the relevant log
lines, ommitting the absurdly long tconf cmd that precedes the errors.

#really long tconf command followed by...
/OE/TI/bios_5_33_02/xdctools/tconf: line 48: /OE/TI/bios_5_33_02/
xdctools/tconf.x86U: No such file or directory
/OE/TI/bios_5_33_02/xdctools/tconf: line 48: /OE/TI/bios_5_33_02/
xdctools/tconf.x86U: Success
make[3]: *** [DspBios/5.XX/OMAP3530/message.tcf.deb] Error 1
make[3]: Leaving directory `/home/ngoyal/oe/tmp/work/beagleboard-
make[2]: *** [objdeb] Error 2

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.