[Bullseye + ] Can't find files of /opt/scripts/tools/

I have read many answers on this board and other blogs which reference /opt/scripts/tools/, lastly researching imaging of eMMC back to SD (/opt/scripts/tools/eMMC/beaglebone-black-make-microSD-flasher-from-eMMC.sh)

I did read one post here which had the same question as well as a question about version.sh but he answered his own version.sh, but the /opt/scripts/tools/ part of the question was never answered.

Is there a different folder? I did search for /Tools/ but got nothing

What version are you running ?

cat /etc/dogtag

I currently have BeagleBoard.org Debian Buster IoT Image 2020-04-06
on the nearest BBB to hand and that files does exist.

If you don’t have it by default, maybe the version you are running is too old.

I suppose also at some point it might have been made into an optional package that you need to install.

@RobertCNelson Will probably be able to tell you for sure when he sees your post.

The whole “/opt/scripts/tools/” has been removed, it’s been replaced by packaged files…

On the BBB if you want to copy the “eMMC” to the “microSD” run:

sudo cp -v /etc/beagle-flasher/beaglebone-black-emmc-to-microsd /etc/default/beagle-flasher
sudo beagle-flasher

version.sh is now packaged as sudo beagle-version (this is shown on download snapshots page)


TY for answer.
You mention the folder has been removed and replaced by packaged files. Is there any place which mentions where these files are, the names of them and the purpose of them?
Again, if I wanted to find the ‘package’ which copies eMMC to SD, what would I look for/ where would I look?

It’s the same project that flashes the eMMC, there’s a different config file for each direction…

bb-beagle-flasher : repos/bb-beagle-flasher/suite/bullseye/debian at master · rcn-ee/repos · GitHub

eMMC to microSD: repos/bb-beagle-flasher/suite/bullseye/debian/beaglebone-black-emmc-to-microsd at master · rcn-ee/repos · GitHub

microSD to eMMC : repos/bb-beagle-flasher/suite/bullseye/debian/beaglebone-black-microsd-to-emmc at master · rcn-ee/repos · GitHub



I successfully made backup of running Debian 11 to SD card and I’m also able to automatically flash eMMC from this card.
But after the flash is complete, the BB doesn’t shutdown (as with official image), but it just reboots and boot from SD card (instead of eMMC).
Is there any way how to change it?

Remove the microSD… By default u-boot will scan the microSD before the eMMC, if it finds 1 of 4 files, (/boot.scr, /uEnv.txt, /boot/boot.scr, or /boot/uEnv.txt) it’ll run and load the files from microSD…


I don’t really understand.
I flash the BB eMMC from the SDcard, of course I have to remove the card after the flash, but the BB reboots instead of shutdown…

what tool or script are you using to flash the eMMC, can you share the debug over J1 (usb usart)…


First I made backup from eMMC to microSD card using these commands (BB was booted from eMMC):

sudo cp -v /etc/beagle-flasher/beaglebone-black-emmc-to-microsd /etc/default/beagle-flasher
sudo beagle-flasher

Then I uncommented the last line in /boot/uEnv.txt on micro SD on PC.


Then I put microSD card to another new BB, hold S2 button and connect power supply (mini USB). The BB boots from SD and flash automatically the image to eMMC. But after flash it reboots instead of shutdown.

Here is the log from boot and flash using S2 button:

Oh, it flashed just fine, the flashing script just failed to shutdown… In the state your board is in, just remove the microSD, and the eMMC is setup fine…

We are using a different way on BBAI64/BeaglePlay to shutdown after flashing, i will be patching our am335x/am57xx flashers to do the same…


Yes, flashing works fine :slight_smile:
Thanks for the support, I will look forward for the patch. It’s not big deal for me, but when I will have “less PC friendly” man who will prepare the BB for production, it’s harder to explain it :slight_smile: