Burned LCD-3 cape, repair help

I managed to burn my LCD-3 cape (higher voltage).

Today, arrived 74AVC32T245 from Farnell but still dead. Regulator seems to be ok, leds can be driven on and off through EHRPWM1A. The EE was hot too, I replaced for testing with a 24LC256, I cannot find exact board EEPROM but I think is ok. I presume the contents of EE should be some exact match with but I’m not sure if I wrote ok, I found a dump for DVI cape and I modified.

ªU3îA0Beaglebone LCD-3 Cape v1beagleboardtoys 01 52114P130000

Can someone help me to re-program this memory?


I studied cape-bone-lcd3-00A0.dts and this excellent articlees

but still don’t working… perhaps the mux pins are wrong.

The LCD is ok, I probed with a MP4 player (after few hours of wiring) and displays nice.