Bypass user button (boot from SD automatically always)


I tried to set my boot settings so that my beagleboard C4 would boot
from SD and bypass any nand booting without using the user button but
was unsuccessful using instructions found on for
beagleboard and elinux wiki. I believe the instructions were
incorrect. In any case, I'm basically trying to say is that so far
the online resources available all seem to be outdated and I would
much rather ask on the forums to see if someone has been successful
doing this.

Does anyone know how to boot from SD without having to use any on
board flash?

Also it would be great if someone also knew how to bypass the Angstrom
login screen and start a program automatically.

This is what I am using:
Beagleboard C4
Angstrom 2008 (I think, its been a while since I've checked, with
linux kernel 2.6.32)

Thanks for all those who can help!

Why not just erase the NAND. That will force a boot from the SD card as the NAND would be empty.


But if I did that, then I would always need X-loader and u-boot on my
SD card. I am not sure if my current configuration uses my X-Loader
and U-boot from SD and whether if that works.

Do you know a way to confirm this? Does holding the user button force
that the OMAP to use the X-Loader and U-boot from SD?


That is correct. Wherever you boot from, that is where UBoot and the Xloader must be located. Holding the button forces a boot from the SD card. Otherwise it will always try to boot form NAND. If the NAND is empty, then it will default to the SD card.


just erase your nand…
boot from SD card happily… and everything works fine…
Its rather straight orward to change the u-boot or x-loader , if you boot from SD card, than from NAND.


Thanks. I didn't realize it was so simple. How does one erase the