C++17 <filesystem>

Hi – first time post, but I have been developing on my BB for about 4 months now with a mix of Python 3.7 and my Linux 4.4.108-ti-r127, g++ Debian 6.3.0-18+deb9u1. Any suggestions as to how I can get the c++17 filesystem library?

I am also running a bit low on space on my eMMC, between the python, nfc libs/debug, and mosquitto/debug, it is taking a lot of space. I am trying to keep the system on the eMMC and use a microSD as a media store for my apps. I am on the BBGW, installed from the 10-7-2018 Flasher, and then upgraded from there. Any suggestions for reducing my footprint would be great.

(And I am quite happy so far – it is really helping me with prototyping IOT for my new Cleantech startup. Thanks to everyone who made this)

It looks like you need gcc-8 for this feature..


gcc-8 was never built for stretch, you'll need buster:


I'd start fresh, with this image:



Thanks Robert. If I use that image, what is the best way to get it to flash to the eMMC? I am guessing that I have to boot up from the microSD (which will be an iso image?), and then edit an environment file on the microsSD–can I do that if the microSD is an iso? Then reboot with the microSD inserted. Is that the process?

The best way: use the one labeled as: "Target Media: eMMC flasher"...
(we can still reword this word choice in that table on that page...)

* side note, i'm assuming your "application" is backed up somewhere
other than the eMMC when i say above ^..

In which case, use the 'microsd' version copy your project ot the
microsd, then kick off the eMMC flasher script from /boot/uEnv.txt