C64 DSP h264 encoding


Using the OMAP3 ISP has anyone managed to use the C64 chip h264 encoding feature of the omap3530?
I am struggling to find the first step to implement this.


Yes (though I mostly use 3730s these days); build the dvsdk
(available from ti's side) and there is a demo program called


  Which will turn YUV422ILE into H.264 ES


Thanks Richard!

Currently we are using ffmpeg’s libav libraries to encode in our software. So I should be able to pull the dvsdk encoder into this program pretty easily as well.

One more question… what is the difference between Neon and C64+ features that are part of the Omap3530?
I think we may be utilising Neon at present with libav. It seems that they both work to speed up encoding and decoding of video…