CADSTAR Schematic and PCB Layout for BeagleboardXM A2 now available

ANNOUNCEMENT:For those of you who want to do hardware modification, I
have converted the original design data into CADSTAR format. This
universally recognized system is about 1/4 the cost of the original
design tools. The CAD files are available free upon request. Doug

I’d like a copy. Are you trying to keep track of downloads? Is there some reason you don’t just share the files publicly?

I’d like a copy, thanks. Do the files need CADSTAR or are they compatible with other software?


I would also like to have copy.
But, it would be nice if they are available publicly.

Can it be edited with the CADSTAR Express freely downloadable version?

Doug Boone:
I am from India and i don’t own CADSTAR. I use Cadsoft Eagle.

Thank you for sharing the files.

Yes and printed and plotted but not saved. The free version of CADSTAR Express will only save up to 300 pins, This design has over 3000 pins. Some dealers will give you a free 30 day license once, so if you are fast …

Wow. What a superjob. Here I was googling something completely different and found this post.

YES! I would most definitely want the CADSTAR design.

Great work.

the two links have been sent to each person requesting them,
now I am working on the C4 version, to be followed by the complete
library. Other suggestions appreciated.

Hey Doug,

I would love a copy, any chance you could send me a link?


Hey great work I would like to get a copy too.

thanks for this post..

Hi Doug, I’m interested in getting the Cadstar files for the Beagle board. Please let me know if the files are still available. Thank you, Mike.

I would be interested in a copy as well.



Hello Doug,

I am interested in the CADSTAR version of the Beaglebone you have.
If you also have the .lib it would be perfect.
Have you already worked on the AM335x BeagleBone Black ?



I’d like a copy too.
Do you have also have files for Beaglebone Black?

I’d like a copy too. Do you have also have files for Beaglebone Black?
Thanks for your work!