camera cape with android

Hi there,

did anybody had any success using the camera cape with one of the android systems or any other OS, except Angstrom?

My problem is I want just using the camera cape, without any other capes, I know the recommendation is to use it either with DVI or LCD7 cape. But I own just the cam cape and the LCD3 cape.
It would be enough for me to get just the cam cape working properly and control it from the host via VNC or a console.
Unfortunately VNC isn’t that well supported on Angstrom/BBone, or did I missed something?
I just want to take some pictures every few minutes, and store/send them after a certain time to the host, shouldn’t be that hard?!

Angstrom was able to take pictures through mplayer, but they get worse after a while. And I didn’t figure out how to control the adjustments for the camera via the terminal, is there a guide?
There already some post with cam cape issues:!topic/beaglebone/-tW5KFXsf8E!category-topic/beagleboard/beaglebone-capes/_BY3xVXYazQ!category-topic/beagleboard/gpmc/2Eg9ijW5SU0

Thanks a lot for helping out!