hi all,
       i compiled the jpeg library and intalled in the beaglebone.i am
using my own rootfile system
.i conneted the simple usb webcam iam trying to get the screen
shot.but it giving the error as
~ # ./v4l3grab -o image.jpg
sh: ./v4l3grab: not found when i am trying to execute the capture
.please tell me how to sort out this


The problem looks like the file v4l3grab is not in you current directory.

check to see if ‘ls’ command will list the file. and also check if you have execute permissions on your file.

else run sh path_to_file/v4l3grab or chmod 755 v4l3grab and then ./v4l3grab.

Hope this helps


thanks for your reply,i didi as u said

/ # sh v4l3grab
v4l3grab: line 1: syntax error: unexpected word (expecting ")")

this is the out put permissions are i am am building my own
rfs did i have to include any other shells