Can a beaglebone black go through a luggage X-ray machine?

Can a beaglebone black survive going through a luggage X-Ray machine?

Luggage xray machine is so gentle that it should not expose photographic film so beaglebone should not be affected—it’s put together with standard electronic components which are supposed to be resistant to that level of ionizing radiation. I haven’t tested it myself though.

As long as it's not v4.1.x, it should be fine.. The risk with v4.1.x,
you might kickstart judgement day...


I went through security with one and TSA thought it was suspicious. They put it under the X-Ray machine and stared at it for about a minute. It has been confused since then. Sometimes boots, sometimes not. While a brief exposure is probably OK. A prolonged exposure might fry something.

When we inspected BGA soldering for possible issues it never got spoiled after that. A special 3D X-ray inspection machine was used

internal electrical nodes, i.e. flip bits in memory and internal
CPU/chipset logic. In other words, it can't damage anything permanently.

Theoretically, very high energy Xrays could disrupt crystalline structure
within the chips, i.e. damage them permanently, but it requires energy and
intensity much larger than that of an airport Xray machine. Whatever your
problems are, it's not because of the Xray scan---did the TSA folk
touch/handle the BBB? if so, they could have zapped it with static
discharge, which is much deadlier than Xrays.

It’s all security theatre anyway. As difficult as it may be, I’d go after TSA for a replacement.

Eric Fort

It was packaged in a metallic enclosure with D38999 connectors with protective plastic caps. Should have been immune to ESD. Worked fine before the trip, but when I got to my destination, it had funny behavior. When I got back home, it was even worse. It was in my checked in luggage on the way back. Luckily, I have spares.

try a reflash of the SD/ EMMC
although i have had my laptop xrayed before with no ill effects