can any one help here

hello i try useing power usb hum on beagle bone i put in usb wifi for keyboard and mose but with no good

You need to plug the hub into the Beagelbone and then plug a wired (with a USB connector) mouse and keyboard in the hub.

Make sure the hub is connected and powered before you power the Beaglebone.

thank you just try that and no so hub not work as i put into pc and try it keyboard and mose


Looks like you need a new hub. You probably don’t need a powered one for a keyboard and mouse. So cheap J

yes i think i do as just gone back to here and just found out his 7 PORT MAINS USB 2.0 BUS POWERED HUB AC ADAPTER PC LAPTOP so it may being working but not on beagle bone or win 7

thank you william for the help

Yes for some reason some 7 port adapters won’t work with Angstrom.

However all 4 port adapters seem to. Powered or not.

thank you i try four one