Can both USB connections be used the same?

My WiFi antennea seems to need to be plugged directly into the BBB to work. In the powered USB hub it isn’t recognized on boot. Ditto for the Logitech 920 webcam. Can I make a USB female-female adapter to plug one device into the USB client (mini) port on the BBB? Will that work? What are the rest of you doing about this limitation?

Nope, it's wired for "device" mode only..


There used to be a blog post on how to do this, but looks like the author took it down. Either way, doing so was not supported by cicuitco, and would void your boards warranty. As it required physically modifying the BBB.

Hi Russ,

I also had problems with powered USB hubs as you mentioned with the Debian 3.14-boneXX branch. My solution per Robert’s advice was to use the Debian 3.8-bone53 branch and I used a non powered hub believe it or not from Staples. It is a Staples brand Model No. 36202 (Renasas USB bridge). Everything is fine with dmesg and my Logitech C920 camera, RocketFish Bluetooth/USB adaptor, Logitech K760 (Apple compatible) BT keyboard are working fine. I would like to go back and visit the issue with a powered USB hub but the two I tried didn’t work at the time. If you want anything from dmesg I’ll print it out for you.

I’m also using an LCD 7 cape. If Robert is still monitoring this thread I couldn’t find touchscreen xinput_calibration program for Debian 3.8-bone53. It seems it was available in -bone37 & 38. Did I miss it?

Mike Carr

Turns out I was connecting to the USB hub with the client port on the BBB, when it’s the host port one needs to use. Just changing that cured everything! The client port is only for programming the BBB, I see. Live and learn!

Yep, has to be connected to the host. Which version of Linux are you using Angstrom, Debian or ? Were you successful with a powered hub? Which one?