Can ESCs and servos run at the same time on BeagleBone Blue?

Hi everyone,

After working with the BeagleBone Black for some time, I’ve recently stumbled upon the BeagleBone Blue. I’m still familiarizing myself with all the features and capabilities, but there is one issue that I cannot seem to find a solid answer for.

Can you run both ESCs and servos at the same time on the BeagleBone Blue?

I understand that servos require a larger current draw, and that ESCs should have the middle power wire disconnected because the BEC functionality is not needed. I also recognize that servos typically operate around 50hz while ESC prefer something closer to 400hz. It is my understanding that both the servo and ESC functionality is accomplished through the same PRU hardware. With the differences in hardware/software/timing/power, I’m concerned that it might be an “either-or” proposition, and you cannot have both ESCs and servos operating on the same rail. Hopefully, that’s not the case.

If running both at the same time is possible, then are there any special considerations that I need to be aware of to make the solution work?