can I have a board?

AM572x trm just went public.

Thanks for the update. I will get the X15 Wiki up as soon as I get sealed.



Probably a late realization to pass on to here as well:

u-boot: (series ending)
kernel: (rev1) (rev2)

Mostly rev A1+ intent is not to support original alpha boards in upstream obviously - they are very few in number and ideally (if gerald can) should be shuffled back and replaced with rev A1. eventually only production boards will be supported in upstream dts.

Nishanth Menon

Given the broken nature of the first batches it shouldn't be hard to
make sure they don't work in mainline U-Boot (since well, they don't get
out of SPL) and that'll help remind people to send their broken HW back
and get new ones.