Can I install android/ubuntu on the build in eMMC?

Is it possible to boot up ubuntu or android off the build in eMMC? Could I just use Win32 Disk Imager to do that?

Clarify ? OF you mean build Ubuntu from source on the BBB. with just the eMMC ? no, not possible. With help from USB< NFS, or uSD card storage ? Definitely. The biggest question would be “why?”

Sorry, i misread what you said. Yes, you can boot Ubuntu, Android, and anything else you want ( that will of course run on the beaglebone black ). Still, your post is a little confusing.

If you’re meaning can you build Android, or Ubuntu with Angstrom on the emmc, the answer is no. Not because Angstrom is not capable. But simple because there is not enough space on the emmc. You can however use external storage as I mentioned in my previous post.

You can put Ubuntu, and Android both on the eMMC if that is what you’re asking. Not sure what you’re asking about win32 disk imager though.