Can I power BeagleBone Blue servos and DC motors by DC jack?

I recall being able to run my motors (servos + DCs) fine with a 9V DC Jack to the wall or a battery. Suddenly, everything stopped working. I’m getting the error “ERROR: battery disconnected or insufficiently charged to drive servos\n” with rc_test_servos and rc_test_motors just isn’t making anything move (1 motor vibrates a TINY bit).

My readings for rc_test_adc are the following:

adc_0 | adc_1 | adc_2 | adc_3 |DC_Jack|Battery|
1.75 | 1.63 | 1.72 | 1.02 | 9.25 | 0.00 |

Obviously 1V seems very low. I’ve tried plugging this to the wall, with a 9V duracell and a 4-cell lipo connected through the DC jack. Anyone know what could be the issue?