Can I Put Rootfs On External Hard Drive? Device Name?

I have read the discussions about booting off an external hard drive, and I have also downloaded and begun to study section 25.4 of the "OMAP3 Technical Reference Manual", as updated November 2010. I just found the "AM/DM37x Multimedia Device Silicon Revision 1.x Version F Technical Reference Manual" dated December 10, 2010 and will study Section 26 this week.

My question is can I connect a USB-based external hard drive to the Beagle xM and mount my rootfs off it? A better question is, how do I detect the device -- is it /dev/sda1?


Bob Cochran

Hi Bob,

Yeap, depending on how your partition it, /dev/sda1 should be safe..

in my bootargs i use: "root=/dev/sda1 rootwait"


I did this and succeeded. At first I connected the hard drive to one of the 4 USB "A" ports on the Beagle xM. The kernel couldn't find /dev/sda1. So I connected a USB OTG cable to the USB OTG connector on the Beagle and a powered hub on the other end, and plugged the hard drive into the hub. That got me results.

Response times to mouse clicks, other GUI events etc seem a lot better now than if I just rely on the SD card for my rootfs.

Hopefully, I can get this media server finished by Thursday evening and let my wife happily play with her pictures.