Can I use a S-video to Component cable to connect and display BB xM on my TV?

This is my first time trying S-video on my BB. I just connected it to
TV's component port anyway and It didn't show anything. I wonder if
anyone had tried it before and plz help because carrying the LCD
monitor to my university everytime I have to show my work is really a

Thanks in advance. Plz help since I'm a beginner

yes you can do but, for the preinstalled image I tried and Icould not change the default display to s-video but 2.6.38 kernel ok for svideo, I connected ang got output from s-video
To get output from s video you have to edit boot.cmd file in /boot/uboot as and then you have to update with /boot/uboot/tools/update

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2011/5/17 Tran Dinh Khoi <>