Can the BB-AI PRU access analog-in pins?

I am picking up a project that I started a few years ago on the BBB. When I last worked on this project, I was able to read AIN pins from the PRU. As I restart my work on this project, I thought I would upgrade to the BB-AI. What I am picking up from the documentation, in particular TI’s PRU-ICSS Migration Guide: AM335x to AM57x, it does not appear that I can access the analog input pins from the PRU on the BB-AI. Does this seem correct? I had been hoping to leverage the DSP on the BB-AI. It also seems that the BB-AI is a dead end path as the boards are no longer available and the BB-AI64 is using a different chip. Is this also a correct assumption?

If my two assumptions are correct, then I suppose I will order a BBB-wireless and start over with the older hardware and bypass the DSP plan.

Any feedback is appreciated!!

Hi @prdavis so the AM57xx didn’t have a similar ADC IP block to the AM335x, if you look closely at the design, the ADC is actually over i2c from an external ST part…


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