Can you suggest a digipot?

For my application I have to control holding electromagnet (ZYE1-P50) with various degrees of strength. So in order to control the field intensity of a holding electromagnet I plan to employ digital potentiometers (digipots) with a separate power source. I plan to control those potentiometers through my beaglebone black on either I2C or other similar bus. To find correct digipots for 12V 2+/-1 Ampere applications resulted more difficult than I expected. Particularly difficult to find digipots that describe operating amperage. Any advise on how to select the digipots and schemes for connection would be much appreciated.

For the current needs I’d look at driving a transistor such that your digipot only needs to use a low amount of current. That said, I’m not so sure I’d use a digipot but instead use a pwm approach. The PRUSS would likely be good at such a task.